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African-style Hats – Macrame Design Muslim Prayer Kufi Caps

african-style hats
Handmade Macrame African-style Muslim kufi hats

A African-style hats with macrame design exclusively made by TheKufi. We specialize in hats that actually fit our customers. This is a handmade well-sewn macramé design light-weight pliable African-style kufi hat. This kufi is stitched to perfection on the sides and top of the hat with 4mm wide silvery-gray nylon thread applied over double layer black netting. This is a non-rigid fold-able kufi which is ideal for formal occasions, to wear with your everyday Muslim attire, or as a prayer cap. The sides of this kufi measure 3.1-inches (8 cm) while the total height is about 4.7-inches (12 cm) from the bottom edge to the top peak of the kufi. It has a 0.3-mm thickness and is lined with a thin layer of interfacing material. Please choose your size carefully by measuring the circumference of your head as this kufi hat does not stretch and is a form-fitting material. Available in several sizes and colors. Care recommendations: dry-clean only.

Learn about the macrame process here on Wikipedia: What is Macramé?

You may also purchase our kufi hats on Etsy by clicking on the following link: Macramé Kufi Hats on Etsy

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