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African kufis, first the name Kufi, meaning a hat or cap, is believed to have originated from the African continent. Most likely from the Swahili lands of Kenya or Tanzania. Kufi, also called kofia, is likely a version of the Arabic word Kufiyya. Thus, the kufi hat is very common among Muslims and Christians alike throughout many parts of the African continent.

There is vast variety of kufis designs and styles in Africa. On the we have a growing selection that we manufacture and procure for our existing and prospective customers. To give you an idea, we’ll take a look at five of our most popular African and African-style kufi hats and caps, such as the following:

  1. Tall Felt Fez Kufi Hats
  2. Moroccan-style Felt Fez Kufi Hats
  3. Nylon Open-weave Kufi Skull Caps
  4. Tall Colorful Embroidered Kufi Hats
  5. Concaved Oval Fez Kufi Hats


  1. Tall Felt Fez Kufi Hats

Tall Felt Fez Kufi Hats

This tall fez hat is common in the Northern African countries. It can be seen worn alone or with a green turban. They are made from pure wool felt. These tall fez kufi hats come in many colors and go well with a hooded jalabah (thowb). Some people like to add a tassel to this fez for added character, royalty and elegance. On we are gradually adding to our selection of colors and sizes but the most common are the red, black and white colors. The perforation on the top allows for air circulation and coolness.

  1. Moroccan-style Felt Fez Kufi Hats

moroccan kufi hat

The Moroccan fez is popular in almost all Muslim countries. There are several versions available on We offer the traditional wool felt and the faux felt. This kufi is popular because it goes well a turban and holds its form so that you can remove it from your head with the Turban still attached. This type of rigid Moroccan-style fez kufi comes with the stem on top or without.

  1. Nylon Open-weave Kufi Skull Caps

nylon open weave kufi hat

There are many types of open-weave kufi caps. These skull caps, as they are also known are low-priced and versatile. Nylon kufi caps are worn by people from all walks of life. These kufis are perfect for everyday use and to wear as prayer caps. They fit in your pocket and can be put in the washing machine.

  1. Tall Colorful Embroidered Kufi Hats

Tall Colorful Embroidered Kufi Hats

The equivalent of this Kufi, also known as an Omani-style hat, in Africa (Zanzibar & Uganda) would be the Kofi or Bargashia. This style of tall embroidered kufi is popular all over Northern and Eastern Africa. There is a tendency, in some countries, to indent one side or shape the top of the kufi to give it more character. As African attire and national costumes are very colorful, choosing a matching kufi is a must. Tall embroidered kufis are perfect for special occasions, ceremonies and festivals.

  1. Concaved Oval Fez Kufi Hats

oval fez kufi hats

This kufi hat is popular in the West Africa. It is often worn with the Gran Bubu outfits of the Gambia and Senegal. This is made from felt with perforations on top and sides for air circulation. These kufi hat can also be embellished with embroidery and sequins. Dignitaries and common-folk love this style of kufi. The current model we carry is made from fine Australian 100% wool felt.

These five popular African kufi hats and caps are only a few of the many varieties we offer. Choosing the best kufi hat or cap to go with your attire is easy when shopping on We specialize in hard to find sizes and colors as well. Choose your favorite kufi with confidence and a money back guarantee, only on

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