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White Koopy Cap – Comfortable Soft Cotton-stretch Topi Muslim Prayer Kufi

white cotton cap

White koopy cap (aka kufi skull cap) made from stretch-knit material. This exclusive design stretch-knit comfortable cotton Muslim head cap is suitable for children and adults. These caps are also known as skull caps, topi, kopyah, takke, taqiya, peci or songkok, and even more terms in different languages. This koopy cap has a double layer interwoven design on the sides with a thinner loose-knit section on the top for venting and coolness. This unisex kufi cap is woven by machine then assembled by hand to obtain the perfect fit for your head. This kufi hat style is also perfect for a prayer cap as it easily fits in your pocket for convenience. This prayer cap is made to hug the skull so it is not recommended for individuals with long hair as it is a form fitting cap. If you would like it to cover your ears, we suggest you purchase a large enough size by checking the measurement of the circumference of your head.

Our cotton prayer caps aka topis conveniently fold up for travel and is virtually wrinkle-free. Available in many colors to match your outfits and we have several sizes for you to choose from. This is one of our top-selling kufis as they are perfect for every day use.

Have a look at this cap in Gray from our Youtube channel:

Stretchable cotton comfortable koopy kufi skull cap
Available in size XS-2XL, for kids & adults
Double layer sidewall design with loose-knit top
Designed with comfort and practicality in mind
Choose your size carefully by measuring your head

Care instructions: Hand-wash and hang to dry.

You may also see our collection of kufi caps on Etsy:

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