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What is was born out of the need for kufis caps and hats in exact and hard-to-find sizes. For those who grew up or are growing up Muslim in America, this is a common issue. At we specialize in providing our customers with kufi hats with accurate sizing in may styles and shapes. We provide high quality kufis (aka prayer caps, skull caps, beanies, taqiya, takke, peci, topi, kofiya) procured from around the world for Muslims around the world at affordable prices.

We offer a wide variety of kufis, cotton kufis, hand-crocheted kufis, nylon kufis, rigid kufis, quilted kufis, fabric kufis and lots more. We ship our products worldwide and we strive to maintain a high level of customer service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer accurate sizes and high quality kufi caps and hats. We focus on large sizes up to 4X and hard to find kufis as well. In short we want to provide kufi shopping website for people of all walks of life. In addition to our own brand we carry brands from other reputable kufi makers in Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan, Africa and the Middle East. At, we perform quality checks on all our kufis to make sure you receive a satisfactory product.

Customer Service

We have teams available in several countries to ship and attend to our customers needs in a timely manner. You may contact through any of the communication and social media platforms or directly by phone or text messaging.

About The Founder was founded by Hamza Ali, also known as Hamza Ali Goodwin. An entrepreneur since the age of 14, Hamza Ali has started many businesses over the years. After starting a Muslim clothing store offline in 2001, then moving online, his online business has transformed and developed into what is now Behind these ventures stands Indomode International LLC, the company leading the diverse portfolio of sites owned by Hamza Ali.

Hamza Ali
Hamza Ali - CEO and founder of

Other Indomode Sites is the ultimate home for all your Islamic shopping needs. From tasbihs and prayer beads to kufis, scarves, perfumes, and Islamic jewelry, is your go-to source for authentic Islamic products.

A unique website specializing only in Muslim prayer beads made from exotic woods, stones, precious metals, monomer, crystal and more., your premier destination for all your Islamic clothing needs. We are proud to be the home for a diverse range of clothing options that cater to the modesty and style requirements of both men and women.

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