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Black Fez-style Faux Felt Muslim Kufi Hats

fez hats

Black Fez Kufi Hats

Black fez-style handcrafted faux felt kufi hats for your Muslim wardrobe. These exclusive low-priced kufi hats from are an alternative to the wool felt kufis that are usually worn in Czechoslovakia, Morocco or Libya. They come in black, red, blue, white, maroon and green and we offer many different sizes.

Moroccan Fez style faux felt kufi hat
Available in 8 sizes and 6 colors when available
Comfortable sturdy enforced kufi hat with lining
Great to wear with or without turban with your formal attire
Exclusively handcrafted by TheKufi, offered in XS to 4X sizes

Item Code: KFZ-NTBK1

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