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Custom-made kufis with tassels by Benyamin Hamid

Limited Edition Cutom-made Kufis with Tassels by Benyamin Hamid

Limited Edition Hand-made Kufis with Emboridery and Tassels. All kufis are lined with durable crepe back fabric and are precision tailored with quality thread. We only use the best fabrics and aim for the highest quality in our handmade custom kufis. More info about the tailor.

How to order:
– Select your head measurement size in inches.
– Decide on Round or Oval for the kufi hat shape.
– Choose Flat or Peak for the top of the kufi hat.

Our experienced tailor will create a hat that fits you perfectly, or your money back.

You choose your color and we make it to your size.

Unfortunately, these custom made kufis have been discontinued.

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