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madinah caps and kufi hats
Black and White Madinah Kufi Caps and Muslim Hats

These kufi hats are commonly called “Madinah” kufis in Indonesia as they were originally designed and made in the blessed city of Madinah Munawwarah. Please have a look at this Wikipedia page if you are not familiar with the city of the Prophet Muhammad called Madinah or Medina: This kufi or koopy cap is very comfortable with intricate embroidery designs on the sides and top. The embroidery designs or patterns vary with each size of kufis so the design in the photo may not be what you receive when ordering this Muslim kufi hat. We currently offer these in white and black but we intend to add more colors. The average height of these kufi hats is 3.5-inches. Remember! always offers free shipping for U.S. customers. We specialize in sizes from XS to 4X to meet the requirements for the head sizes of a large array of customers. Get your Madinah kufi today! Click on this link to purchase: Embroidered Madinah Kufi

You may also purchase this kufi on our Etsy store at:

Washing Instructions: hand wash and hang to dry.

NOTE: Embroidery designs vary on each these prayer caps.

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