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black velvet kufis
Rigid High Quality Black Velvet Kufi Hats

High Quality Black Velvet Kufi Hats

High quality shiny black velvet Chechen-style kufi hats. Intricately stitched handcrafted black velvet kufi hat as worn in Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Chechnya and other parts of the Muslim world. According to the book “Islam in Russia” by Alexei V. Malashenko and Aziza Nuritova, there are about 1.3 million Chechan Muslims and a total of 7 million Muslims in the North Caucasus. To read more please see:

This kufi is Stitched to perfection on sides and top of the hat, by hand using a machine. The craftsman ship is exceptional. A non-fold-able rigid kufi that is perfect with formal occasions and comes packed in a box to keep its shape in tact. The height of this Muslim kufi hat is about 3-inches (7.6 cm) on the sides and total height of 3.5 inches (8.9 mm) to the top. It has a 3mm thickness because it is layered to keep it rigid.

This kufi hat is also perfect to wear with a small turban. Please check your size carefully my measuring the circumference of your head if you are unsure of your size. This Muslim hat is currently offered in sizes from SM to 2X when available and comes in white, black, dark green, dark gray, maroon and dark blue. You may purchase the kufi on at

– Beautiful shiny black velvet kufi, soft to the touch
– Rigid Islamic kufi stands about 3.5 -inches tall to the top
– Detailed decorative line-stitching on sides and top
– Unique popular Chechen & Turkish Style Rigid Kufi Hats
– Known as a “takke” in Turkey, “topi” in Pakistan and peci in Indonesia

Care instructions: dry-clean only

You may also purchase this kufi from our Etsy store at:

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