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Moroccan Fez – 100% Wool Felt Muslim Kufi Hat

wool fez hat
Gray Wool Felt Fez Kufi Hat

These soft Moroccan fez kufi hats are hand-made from 100% wool felt and formed with a mold. These fez kufi hats have been popular for many years among Muslims in many countries. They are fold-able yet somewhat stiffened so they can be worn with a turban or amamah. Often worn in North Africa, this kufi works well for formal and casual occasions. Where it with a 3-piece suit or white thowb (aka dishdasha, juba or gamis) and you’ll be in style. Since these Muslim Kufi hats are from pure wool they are not available in large quantities. Please choose your size carefully  by measuring the circumference of your head. Care instructions for this kufi hat: dry clean only.

Pure 100% molded sheep wool felt fez kufi hat
Soft stiffened Moroccan fez kufi hat for men and children
Rigid enough to wear with your turban  and perfect for formal occasions
Short 1/2 tip on the top, folds up for travel, dry-clean recommended
Unique design available in limited quantities and sizes

Item Code: KFW-GYTP1

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