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Pakistan-style Kufi – Embroidered Topi Hat from TheKufi

Pakistani style Kufis

Rigid Embroidered Muslim Kufi Hat

Exclusive unique Pakistani-style kufi hat with intricate colorful embroidery design. The embroidery is applied with a machine and this rigid topi kufi is then assembled by hand. This kufi is rigid so it holds it’s form on your head making it a good choice to wear with a turban as well. This pakistani-style topi kufi is currently offered in sizes from SMALL to 2XL when available. We intend to offer these kufis in 3X and 4X later on in 2021. We do currently offer larger size kufi hats in other designs on our website. The height to the peak of the kufi is approximately 4-inches (10.16 cm). Made in Indonesia. This kufi hat is NOT stretchy so you must choose the size that matches your head measurement.

This topi Muslim kufi hat makes a perfect gift for Eid or any occasion. Please see our page at: on that shows how to choose your kufi size if you are not sure.

For those who are not familiar with the term kufi, you may read more by clicking on this link:

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