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Pakistani-style Black & White Embroidered Topi Kufis

Pakistan-style topi Kufis

Pakistani-style topi kufis in black and white with embroidery

Pakistani-style topi Kufis with embroidery in black white caps for salat or everyday use. Exclusive unique Pakistani-style rigid kufi hat with intricate embroidery design. The embroidery is applied with a machine and the kufi is then assembled by hand. This kufi is rigid so it holds it’s form on your head. Offered in sizes from SMALL to 2XL when available. The height to the peak of the kufi is approximately 4-inches (10.16 cm). Made in Indonesia. This kufi hat is NOT stretchy so you must choose the size that matches your head measurement. In India and Pakistan these or often called topis. You can learn more about topis at:

You may purchase these kufis on at: TheKufi® Black Exclusive Embroidered Circle Design Rigid-Semi Rigid Pakistan Kufis

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