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Turkey is a country well-known for its turkish Kufis hats. All the way back to when the red fez was a part of the Nation dress. Head coverings have remained a part of Turkish religious and cultural lifestyles. At, Turkey is one the main sources for the kufis we offer. We’ll take a look at 5 of our most popular kufi hats and caps, such as the following:

  1. Machine Knit Open-work Turkish Kufi Caps
  2. Flat-top Fabric Kufi Caps
  3. Thick Knitted Turkish Winter Kufi Hats
  4. Zigzag Beanie Kufi
  5. Smooth Textured Velvet Kufi Caps


  1. Machine knit Open-work Turkish Kufi Cap


Machine Knit Open-work Turkish Kufi Caps

One of our most popular caps on is this machine-knit Turkish cap. It is thin and simple cap but elegant enough to dress up with. In Turkey, these caps are called a “takke” which may be derived from the Arabic word “taqiya.” The “open-work” term means that it has a design pattern that leaves openings for air to flow. These are made on a very detailed knitting machine with an acrylic yarn that has a cotton-feel to it. Making them from acrylic keeps them from becoming too wrinkly or shrinking. Mercan and Ales are the main brands we offer on for this type of kufi cap. They come in 9 different colors. These are light enough to fold and put in your pocket. Its always good to have a kufi hat on handy when going to the masjid. On, we a wide variety of kufi caps to choose from.

  1. Flat-top Fabric Turkish Kufi Cap

flat top Turkish Kufi Cap

This can be considered the simplest cap we sell on It is very versatile and also folds to fit in your pocket for when you’re on the go. It is favorited by Muslim and non-Muslims alike. Many customers have informed us that they purchase this kufi cap to cover their heads during evasive treatments that cause hair-loss. They are also popular to wear just as a head-cover for cooking or working. This kufi cap has simple straight stitching on the side-walls and top and is double layered for durability. The material is a durable cotton-rayon mix that does not wrinkle much and is easy to care for It can be thrown in the washing machine and hung to dry. Being that this is a fitted-kufi cap, that will not stretch, you should measure the circumference of your head to make sure you choose the correct size. This is a handcrafted kufi from start to finish.

  1. Thick Knitted Turkish Winter Kufi Hat


Turkish Winter Kufi Hat

This is a cap often worn by older people in Turkey. They can be seen wearing them on the country-sides and going into the masajid. They come in handy in the fall and winter months to keep your head warm. At the same time, they are perfect prayer caps. They are made with synthetic yarn nowadays whereas they were traditionally made with spun sheep’s wool. In Turkey, this warm cap may be called a “shapka” or just a takke like the other Turkish kufis. This winter Kufi hats are easy to care for since they won’t shrink like the original wool versions.

  1. Zigzag Beanie Kufi Hat

zigzag beanie kufi hat

Like the warm Kufi hats above, these are favorited by the elderly in Turkey. These warm kufi hats are also popular and worn by Muslim men of all ages in other countries such as the US, Senegal and The Gambia. Although originally made of with wool yarn, they are now made with synthetic yarn that keeps the head warm. The double layer bottom allows you to pull them down over your ears when needed.

  1. Smooth Textured Velvet Kufi Hat

mooth Textured Velvet Kufi Hat

When you go to the large mosques in Turkey you will see many people wearing this kufi hat. It is made with an elegant smooth material but is still comfortable for everyday use. The velvet has a line-diamond texture design that’s easy to see up-close and feel. Available in several colors and sizes, this kufi is lined with a moisture-absorbing fabric as well. It is sewn together by hand with precision to maintain accurate sizing. This Turkish kufi hat should be dry-cleaned to keep it looking crisp.

These top-selling Turkish kufi hats and caps offer styles for everyone to choose from. If you need to add to your Islamic wardrobe or find a matching kufi for your special occasion, you should consider one of these five Turkish styles.

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