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White Habaib Kufi Hats – Vented Brown Embroidery Rigid Kufis

White Rigid Habaib 4 Holes Brown Embroidery Kufis

Exclusive unique hand-crafted beautifully embroidered design rigid kufi hat. Fits large head sizes of 23-inches. Measures 3-1/4 inches high on the side and another 1-1/2 inches to the top peak. Imported from Indonesia. We specialize in making kufi hats in large and hard-to-find sizes. These kufis are are commonly worn by the Habaib which is the plural of the word Habib and are also worn all over Indonesia and Malaysia by anyone. See more about Habib on this site:

Kufi is the traditional African name for “hat” which originally comes from the word for “crown.” However many Americans often use the word “kufi” to describe the hat which is worn by Muslims. In other parts of the world it is known as taqiyah or `araqiyeh in Arabic, kopiah, songkok or takke in Turkish, topi in Urdu and peci in Indonesian. Click on this list to purchase this white kufi hat: https: TheKufi® White Rigid Brown Embroidered Habaib Muslim Kufi with 4 Holes

-For Large Heads Measuring 23-inches (58.5cm)
-Handcrafted High Quality Durable Kufi
-Beautiful Black Thread Embroidery
-Limited Edition Unique Rigid Kufi Hats
-Exclusively made by TheKufi®

You may also purchase TheKufi kufi hats on Etsy at:

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